Why do you want my cell phone number?

We ask for your cell phone number so we can alert you via SMS Text message when you receive a funding or share special promotions.


Why do you need my SSN?

In accordance with the United States Federal Government - IRS, all earnings $600 and over within a tax year will receive a 1099 tax form.  The 1099 will include all awards funded to your Reloadable VISA(R) card within that tax year. The 1099s are issued and mailed by January 31st.  During the Opt-in Process, your Social Security Number (SSN) is securely captured and is required to participate.  


How long after an order is placed will I be awarded?

Sales are awarded to your account approximately 48 hours after the order has Shipped.  If an order has shipped and it has been past 72 hours, you may submit an inquiry by going to Contact Us on the TDG Rewards page and selecting the topic 'Missing or Incorrect Reporting of Sales Inquiries.  Please provide the order details in your inquiry. 


Who do I contact if I am missing sales?

Your qualification period begins once the completed registration form is received by our marketing department. (TDGRewards@dixiegroup.com)  Once the registration form is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with login information for the TDG Rewards redemption website.  At that time you will begin receiving credit for your shipped orders.  We will not assign reward dollars retroactively beyond the month of enrollment.   If you feel you are missing sales that qualified for the TDG Rewards program, please contact TDGRewards@dixiegroup.com.  


Do I have to do anything to receive funds/reloadable debit card? 

Once you Opt-in to the TDG Rewards programs, receiving your rewards dollars is easy - all you have to do is sell!  Funding takes place automatically each week.  Track your progress and sales funded on the TDG Rewards program website. 


When will I receive my Reloadable debit card? 

Once you earn $250 in rewards, you are automatically mailed a TDG Rewards reloadable debit card to the address on your TDG Rewards Program profile.   You can track this threshold on your TDG Rewards homepage.


When does funding take place? 

After you reach the initial $250 threshold, on-going funding takes place WEEKLY on Thursdays.   The weekly funding will include all qualifying sales posted to the TDG Rewards program from the prior week (Wednesday - Tuesday).  A mobile number will be a required field of the user profile and a weekly text message will be sent showing deposit activity.


Is there a cap to how much I can earn?


There is no cap on the amount of the reward dollars you may earn – the more you sell, the greater the rewards.

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